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Usually, I opt for shawl pins,  and have several in my collection!

Shawl Pins

Shawl Pin by Master Ark

Penannular Cloak Clasp by Master Ark


I purchased this  Penannular shawl pin from MasterArks Etsy Shop  a year ago, and wear it on my large comfy worsted weight wrap. It is the heaviest and  most secure pin I have.  The design dates back to the Iron Age, and is often referred to as a Celtic Brooch.

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to ‘work’ the pin; it is foolproof and is super easy to use. You will never lose the ‘pin’ part, as it is permanently attached to the ‘circle’.

It is tempting to have a shawl pin in every colour …   Mine is white bronze with Amethyst stones.  This pin is just right for a worsted or bulky weight knit shawl. I think it would be  too heavy for a lace weight shawl,  however, Master Ark does make smaller pins, like this one, Annular Brooch.


Bee Shawl Pin by bentspoonjewelry

Bee Shawl Pin by bentspoonjewelry


I also have this Bee Shawl pin,  which is much lighter and more suitable for  fingering weight shawls. It is made by Bentspoonjewelry on Etsy.  They have several different bees and butterflies  and today, I see 8 pages of beautiful shawl pins. They really do make it hard to choose just one.

There is also an Argentium Silver Penannular that I think would be wonderful on a lace weight shawl. It is the perfect shape,  round, with no pokey bits to catch on fine lace.  This will be good for the cobweb lace shawl I am working on. (Thank you Becky, at Morning Bright Yarn)     I should have the pin a week or so.  (yes, you guessed it, I clicked the order button) I suspect it will take longer to actually knit the shawl.

Handmade Silver Wire Shawl Pin - Fibula Style Celtic Knot with Spring Green Beads - by EverydayPeacocks

Handmade Silver Wire Shawl Pin – Fibula Style Celtic Knot with Spring Green Beads – by EverydayPeacocks


Another shawl pin I have is very light and dainty with pretty green beads.  It is made in the Fibula style.     I like this pretty pin on fingering weight shawls, not too lacy, but with lots of stockinette or garter stitch to push the shawl pin through.  I don’t want the spirals to catch on the lace.  There are 4 pages of  Shawl Pins by Everyday Peacocks.

I am going to have to knit faster just to make more shawls …  (My friends already think I have more shawls than are necessary)


Wooden Buttons

It is not only shawl pins that catch my eye.   I am also in love with these Honey Bee Juniper Wood Buttons  by woolymossroots at etsy   and am trying to resit them.  Most likely by the time I publish this post I will have ordered them as well.  I wonder if they will look good on the sweater I am working on.  Gwendolen, by Drops   I started this cable sweater quite a while ago, but  have promised myself that it will  be finished by winter.  This winter!

honeybee buttons

Honeybee Juniper Buttons by woolymoosroots


So, what did you decide? Shawl pins or Buttons for your knitting projects?


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Yarn Bowls

I already have a yarn bowl, and love it.  Too bad though, as now I want one of these cat style yarn bowls.  I like using the yarn bowl so the ball of wool doesn’t roll around the floor attracting the attention of my cats.  I wonder if this cat face bowl would attract them? haha..   I might just have to get it to test it.

Yarn bowl - Yarn Holder Knitting Bowl - Large Knitting Bowl with Cute Cat Mouth - Hand Made Pottery by Heidi

Yarn bowl – Yarn Holder Knitting Bowl – Large Knitting Bowl with Cute Cat Mouth – Hand Made Pottery by Heidi


This morning, over coffee, my dog loving friend hinted that I should have some cute dog themed knitting items.  Oh, the outrage.  But really, she is probably right. I need another yarn bowl, or two!   So here it is,  a dog yarn bowl:

Yarn Bowl with Dog cut out

Yarn bowl Holder Labrador Dog Denim Blue Stoneware Wheel thrown Ceramics Pottery by Claycrazypottery


Baby Blankets

I have several projects on the go,  three of which are charity baby blankets with the Western Canadian OddBall Society.    This is a really good group of knitters, who make baby blankets for the NICU.  Here is their description copied from the Ravelry group.

WCOBBS members create knit and crochet blankets for the Foothills Medical Center NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) in Calgary, Alberta. This NICU treats the sickest babies in the province and although there are joyous successes, there are also heartbreaking outcomes. Our blankets are meant to give warmth and love to all of these families through their journey.

Oddball blankets are TRAVELING BLANKETS! They are created when a member starts a 6”x36” (130 knit stitches) strip of blanket and sends it to the next crafter to add another strip, and so on until the blanket has six completed sections. It is then bordered and sent to the NICU. Each blanket also contains a journal for each crafter to write in. The families that receive our blankets also receive the journal that traveled with it during its creation.

Some of our blankets have themes, some have patterns, some are plain. All are made of worsted weight 100% acrylic and all are LOVED. New crafters to the experienced can join in, and crafters can be from anywhere in Canada.

Contact to get the information you need to get started with us!


I like working on these blankets because you only do a 6 inch section and then pass it on to the next knitter.  Quick and easy.   Of course, for some silly reason, I am also doing a complete one on my own to donate as well – not quite so quick and easy…   Next time I will stick with the 6 inch sections.

I’ll post baby blanket pictures next week.

Happy Knitting!

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Stitch Markers - strawberry and stars

Strawberry and Stars – Stitch Markers on a knit baby blanket in the works

When I knit something with repeated pattern sections in it,  I always use stitch markers.   In the beginning,  I didn’t think I would spend any money on stitch markers, who needs them?

In fact, I could just make a little loop of a contrasting coloured yarn and use that if I needed to mark my stitches.   Sometimes I still do that,  especially if I don’t have enough markers on hand!

Now, however,  I love to use fancy stitch markers.  They are knitting jewelry.  Something pretty and usually shiny to make me happy.  It can be considered silly, and frivolous,  but… really,  who cares?  Stitch markers are very useful when you are knitting a pattern that calls for  15 repeats of a 16 stitch lace pattern.

I store my stitch markers in a little jam jar and when I need one,  I fish one out.  I never know what I will get, so most of my projects are decorated in a rather random way!   They all however do the job! Who wants to recount 300 stitches over and over?

Local yarn stores almost always have the most beautiful hand made and imported stitch markers.  They keep them up at the counter by the cash register,  to tempt you with one last “Must Have” before you go.  Sometimes it works like this….   I was so ‘good’ and did not buy that expensive skein of hand dyed cashmere,  so I can reward myself with $15 worth of shiny, pretty little innocent stitch markers!

silver stitch markers on knitting needle

Sid inspecting the silver stitch markers on a fair isle cowl WIP

Here you see Sid (my daughter’s cat) inspecting my knitting.  I was trying to photograph the stitch markers, but  as you see Sid photo-bombed the frame.  At the bottom of the picture you get a little look at my pretty silver stitch markers.

You can never have too many.  Besides, sometimes you start new projects without finishing previous projects…  so you need more markers.

Anyway,  I found oodles of  Cat styled stitch marker on Etsy!

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Happy Alpacas at A to Z Alpacas

Happy Alpacas at A to Z Alpacas – June 2014

This is too pretty to keep to myself!  I have been buying Alpaca yarn from Leslie at A to Z Alpacas for a long time now.  Last year my friends and I drove out to the farm in Southern Alberta and had a great time ‘meeting’ everyone, the family, the pets, the alpacas!   There are over 300 alpacas on the farm!  We are going to do it again next month.

Of course there is yarn to buy on site.  You can get natural colours and hand dyed skeins too!   The good thing you can also buy the alpaca yarn and fibre online, through Etsy.  A to Z Alpacas

Today, I saw the listing for this skein of sock yarn and I just want to call it a Tequila Sunrise!  It is a huge skein, and would probably make 2 pairs of socks,  or even better one amazing shawl.    My Sixty Bushels Shawl pattern would be perfect for this, as you just keep knitting until you have used up all the yarn!


SUPER-SIZED SKEIN! Hand Dyed Royal Baby Alpaca Yarn Sock Weight 718 yards Bright Citrus

I am trying very hard not to buy this skein!  If I succumb you will know how happy I will be.  If I resist you will know that the resistance is only temporary.     Isn’t this just the happiest colourway, ever?

SUPER-SIZED SKEIN! Hand Dyed Royal Baby Alpaca Yarn Sock Weight 718 yards Bright Citrus

SUPER-SIZED SKEIN! Hand Dyed Royal Baby Alpaca Yarn Sock Weight 718 yards Bright Citrus



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I learned to crochet granny squares from my grandma, when I was little. I thought it was such a hoot to learn them and really went over the top making them for a while. A long while! But, had more or less forgotten all about crochet when the knitting bug attacked me. Until last week.

Someone in the knitting group (you know who you are) suggested we crochet and have a learn to crochet day or two. In the spirit of things I found a hook and downloaded a free pattern and somewhat begrudgingly started with a chain 2.

One crocheted dishcloth turned into two, and three and now four. I have crocheted in 3 different coffee shops, in two different towns with 15 or more people. HELP. Make it stop! I have knitting to do. I have beautiful knitting needles (whom I fear are making plans behind my back) I have silky soft wool and alpaca waiting for me. I have a half written lace stole pattern in an open window on my laptop … and yet a hook in my hand.

Maybe you should not look at this pattern. Granny RR Disc cloth
Definitely do not look at this photo, and please do not pick up a 5.00 mm crochet hook.

Granny Star Dish Cloths

Granny Star Dish Cloths

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And just as I was shutting down the computer, I happened to see this cute Knitwear Cat Sisters Necklace Circle Charm and well, how can I not stop to share it in the blog!


Knitwear Cat Sisters

My sister and I used to dress up kittens when we were little, (and fast) I remember one little blue knit hat that seemed to be just the right size for a wee kitty. I wonder if I can find a photo of it!


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I am so pleased with the response the Marilyn’s Easy Rainbow Shawl is getting.   I designed this shawl for my friend Marilyn,  and offered it for free on Ravelry.   So far there have been 1047 downloads of the pattern.

Marilyn’s Easy Rainbow Shawl – free knitting pattern

The nice thing about this pattern is that it is designed for beginning knitters who really want to move past the  dishcloth stage!  Any yarn can be used, and you keep knitting until it is the size you want.   It would also be a great project to use up left over scraps of yarn from other projects.

Some people are making prayer shawls with this pattern.  It makes a simple to knit thoughtful gift for someone, or even better,  a gift to yourself.    I found it a perfect project to practice continental style knitting.

I can’t wait to see some more pictures of the shawls people are making.   I especially would love to see one done with scraps of different colours and yarn gauges.  Thick and  thin would be really pretty.

This bright rainbow shawl is knit with hand dyed DK weight yarn and is super soft and squishy.  I gave it to Marilyn to thank her for the inspiration.   She was often telling me that she was never able to knit something besides dishcloths.

Close up detail of Marilyn’s Free Rainbow Shawl by Susan Elizabeth

I knit this version with a skein of colour changing fingerin weight yarn, making lovely black and purple stripes.  I also added a row of eyelets before binding off,  just for something a bit different.  This shawl was perfect to include in a swap package I sent to a friend in France.

Black and purple Marilyn’s Easy Rainbow Shawl

Here is a picture of how I block my shawls.  I prefer knitting with natural fibres,  most often wool or alpaca.  After the project is knit, wet blocking opens up the knitting and makes for a beautiful fabric.  Here you see the shawl, wet, and drying pinned on foam blocks in front of the fireplace.

Blocking a hand knit shawl in front of the fireplace.

What is holding you back? It is an easy pattern, and fun to do.  See how easy it is to start?

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This is the cowl I have been working on.

Moonlit Oak Cowl - two tree versions

Moonlit Oak Cowl – two tree versions

The cowl pictured is soft and warm and oh so cozy.  It is almost a shame that winter is over.  I have started a second cowl with a different tree design.  (stay tuned for more pictures)…    and, even better, stay tuned for the pattern release!

The yarn is hand dyed by Becky Foster of Morning Bright Yarn.  I asked Becky if she could create two colours for me on her DK yarn, and of course she did!  The first is Moonlit and the is Oak.

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It might be possible that I like knitting project bags even more than knitting itself!  Maybe, not sure, but maybe.

Anyway, I found lots of really cute knitting cat themed bags!

Click here to see them all.  This one is my favourite: I have no idea what happened to your yarn.

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I love this little knit kitten.   I knit one with a bit of scrap yarn, and will probably knit a few more.  They don’t take very long and are so cute. Who could resist?


Pretty pink knit kitten

Pretty pink knit kitten

Check out his tail!

Check out his tail!

You can find the pattern for this little kitten stuffed toy at Beans the Cat  It is a  wonderful quick pattern.  I used two strands of fingering yarn together.

Have fun!

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