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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Yarn Bowls I already have a yarn bowl, and love it.  Too bad though, as now I want one of these cat style yarn bowls.  I like using the yarn bowl so the ball of wool doesn’t roll around the floor attracting the attention of my cats.  I wonder if this cat face bowl would […]

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When I knit something with repeated pattern sections in it,  I always use stitch markers.   In the beginning,  I didn’t think I would spend any money on stitch markers, who needs them? In fact, I could just make a little loop of a contrasting coloured yarn and use that if I needed to mark my […]

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This is too pretty to keep to myself!  I have been buying Alpaca yarn from Leslie at A to Z Alpacas for a long time now.  Last year my friends and I drove out to the farm in Southern Alberta and had a great time ‘meeting’ everyone, the family, the pets, the alpacas!   There are […]

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I learned to crochet granny squares from my grandma, when I was little. I thought it was such a hoot to learn them and really went over the top making them for a while. A long while! But, had more or less forgotten all about crochet when the knitting bug attacked me. Until last week. Someone […]

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And just as I was shutting down the computer, I happened to see this cute Knitwear Cat Sisters Necklace Circle Charm and well, how can I not stop to share it in the blog! My sister and I used to dress up kittens when we were little, (and fast) I remember one little blue knit […]

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I am so pleased with the response the Marilyn’s Easy Rainbow Shawl is getting.   I designed this shawl for my friend Marilyn,  and offered it for free on Ravelry.   So far there have been 1047 downloads of the pattern. The nice thing about this pattern is that it is designed for beginning knitters […]

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This is the cowl I have been working on. The cowl pictured is soft and warm and oh so cozy.  It is almost a shame that winter is over.  I have started a second cowl with a different tree design.  (stay tuned for more pictures)…    and, even better, stay tuned for the pattern release! […]

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It might be possible that I like knitting project bags even more than knitting itself!  Maybe, not sure, but maybe. Anyway, I found lots of really cute knitting cat themed bags! Click here to see them all.  This one is my favourite: I have no idea what happened to your yarn.

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I love this little knit kitten.   I knit one with a bit of scrap yarn, and will probably knit a few more.  They don’t take very long and are so cute. Who could resist?   You can find the pattern for this little kitten stuffed toy at Beans the Cat  It is a  wonderful […]

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I know the best way to try freshly washed (soaked) knitting is to lay it flat and just wait. Wait however long it takes to get dry. What about the rest of the laundry? I don’t have a close line, or a wooden drying rack, (it is on the must buy list), so I use […]

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