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Stitch Markers - strawberry and stars

Strawberry and Stars – Stitch Markers on a knit baby blanket in the works

When I knit something with repeated pattern sections in it,  I always use stitch markers.   In the beginning,  I didn’t think I would spend any money on stitch markers, who needs them?

In fact, I could just make a little loop of a contrasting coloured yarn and use that if I needed to mark my stitches.   Sometimes I still do that,  especially if I don’t have enough markers on hand!

Now, however,  I love to use fancy stitch markers.  They are knitting jewelry.  Something pretty and usually shiny to make me happy.  It can be considered silly, and frivolous,  but… really,  who cares?  Stitch markers are very useful when you are knitting a pattern that calls for  15 repeats of a 16 stitch lace pattern.

I store my stitch markers in a little jam jar and when I need one,  I fish one out.  I never know what I will get, so most of my projects are decorated in a rather random way!   They all however do the job! Who wants to recount 300 stitches over and over?

Local yarn stores almost always have the most beautiful hand made and imported stitch markers.  They keep them up at the counter by the cash register,  to tempt you with one last “Must Have” before you go.  Sometimes it works like this….   I was so ‘good’ and did not buy that expensive skein of hand dyed cashmere,  so I can reward myself with $15 worth of shiny, pretty little innocent stitch markers!

silver stitch markers on knitting needle

Sid inspecting the silver stitch markers on a fair isle cowl WIP

Here you see Sid (my daughter’s cat) inspecting my knitting.  I was trying to photograph the stitch markers, but  as you see Sid photo-bombed the frame.  At the bottom of the picture you get a little look at my pretty silver stitch markers.

You can never have too many.  Besides, sometimes you start new projects without finishing previous projects…  so you need more markers.

Anyway,  I found oodles of  Cat styled stitch marker on Etsy!

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