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I am so pleased with the response the Marilyn’s Easy Rainbow Shawl is getting.   I designed this shawl for my friend Marilyn,  and offered it for free on Ravelry.   So far there have been 1047 downloads of the pattern.

Marilyn’s Easy Rainbow Shawl – free knitting pattern

The nice thing about this pattern is that it is designed for beginning knitters who really want to move past the  dishcloth stage!  Any yarn can be used, and you keep knitting until it is the size you want.   It would also be a great project to use up left over scraps of yarn from other projects.

Some people are making prayer shawls with this pattern.  It makes a simple to knit thoughtful gift for someone, or even better,  a gift to yourself.    I found it a perfect project to practice continental style knitting.

I can’t wait to see some more pictures of the shawls people are making.   I especially would love to see one done with scraps of different colours and yarn gauges.  Thick and  thin would be really pretty.

This bright rainbow shawl is knit with hand dyed DK weight yarn and is super soft and squishy.  I gave it to Marilyn to thank her for the inspiration.   She was often telling me that she was never able to knit something besides dishcloths.

Close up detail of Marilyn’s Free Rainbow Shawl by Susan Elizabeth

I knit this version with a skein of colour changing fingerin weight yarn, making lovely black and purple stripes.  I also added a row of eyelets before binding off,  just for something a bit different.  This shawl was perfect to include in a swap package I sent to a friend in France.

Black and purple Marilyn’s Easy Rainbow Shawl

Here is a picture of how I block my shawls.  I prefer knitting with natural fibres,  most often wool or alpaca.  After the project is knit, wet blocking opens up the knitting and makes for a beautiful fabric.  Here you see the shawl, wet, and drying pinned on foam blocks in front of the fireplace.

Blocking a hand knit shawl in front of the fireplace.

What is holding you back? It is an easy pattern, and fun to do.  See how easy it is to start?

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