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Usually, I opt for shawl pins,  and have several in my collection!

Shawl Pins

Shawl Pin by Master Ark

Penannular Cloak Clasp by Master Ark


I purchased this  Penannular shawl pin from MasterArks Etsy Shop  a year ago, and wear it on my large comfy worsted weight wrap. It is the heaviest and  most secure pin I have.  The design dates back to the Iron Age, and is often referred to as a Celtic Brooch.

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to ‘work’ the pin; it is foolproof and is super easy to use. You will never lose the ‘pin’ part, as it is permanently attached to the ‘circle’.

It is tempting to have a shawl pin in every colour …   Mine is white bronze with Amethyst stones.  This pin is just right for a worsted or bulky weight knit shawl. I think it would be  too heavy for a lace weight shawl,  however, Master Ark does make smaller pins, like this one, Annular Brooch.


Bee Shawl Pin by bentspoonjewelry

Bee Shawl Pin by bentspoonjewelry


I also have this Bee Shawl pin,  which is much lighter and more suitable for  fingering weight shawls. It is made by Bentspoonjewelry on Etsy.  They have several different bees and butterflies  and today, I see 8 pages of beautiful shawl pins. They really do make it hard to choose just one.

There is also an Argentium Silver Penannular that I think would be wonderful on a lace weight shawl. It is the perfect shape,  round, with no pokey bits to catch on fine lace.  This will be good for the cobweb lace shawl I am working on. (Thank you Becky, at Morning Bright Yarn)     I should have the pin a week or so.  (yes, you guessed it, I clicked the order button) I suspect it will take longer to actually knit the shawl.

Handmade Silver Wire Shawl Pin - Fibula Style Celtic Knot with Spring Green Beads - by EverydayPeacocks

Handmade Silver Wire Shawl Pin – Fibula Style Celtic Knot with Spring Green Beads – by EverydayPeacocks


Another shawl pin I have is very light and dainty with pretty green beads.  It is made in the Fibula style.     I like this pretty pin on fingering weight shawls, not too lacy, but with lots of stockinette or garter stitch to push the shawl pin through.  I don’t want the spirals to catch on the lace.  There are 4 pages of  Shawl Pins by Everyday Peacocks.

I am going to have to knit faster just to make more shawls …  (My friends already think I have more shawls than are necessary)


Wooden Buttons

It is not only shawl pins that catch my eye.   I am also in love with these Honey Bee Juniper Wood Buttons  by woolymossroots at etsy   and am trying to resit them.  Most likely by the time I publish this post I will have ordered them as well.  I wonder if they will look good on the sweater I am working on.  Gwendolen, by Drops   I started this cable sweater quite a while ago, but  have promised myself that it will  be finished by winter.  This winter!

honeybee buttons

Honeybee Juniper Buttons by woolymoosroots


So, what did you decide? Shawl pins or Buttons for your knitting projects?


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