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I learned to crochet granny squares from my grandma, when I was little. I thought it was such a hoot to learn them and really went over the top making them for a while. A long while! But, had more or less forgotten all about crochet when the knitting bug attacked me. Until last week.

Someone in the knitting group (you know who you are) suggested we crochet and have a learn to crochet day or two. In the spirit of things I found a hook and downloaded a free pattern and somewhat begrudgingly started with a chain 2.

One crocheted dishcloth turned into two, and three and now four. I have crocheted in 3 different coffee shops, in two different towns with 15 or more people. HELP. Make it stop! I have knitting to do. I have beautiful knitting needles (whom I fear are making plans behind my back) I have silky soft wool and alpaca waiting for me. I have a half written lace stole pattern in an open window on my laptop … and yet a hook in my hand.

Maybe you should not look at this pattern. Granny RR Disc cloth
Definitely do not look at this photo, and please do not pick up a 5.00 mm crochet hook.

Granny Star Dish Cloths

Granny Star Dish Cloths

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