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Knit Cat

For knitters and cat lovers

Yarn Bowls

I already have a yarn bowl, and love it.  Too bad though, as now I want one of these cat style yarn bowls.  I like using the yarn bowl so the ball of wool doesn’t roll around the floor attracting the attention of my cats.  I wonder if this cat face bowl would attract them? haha..   I might just have to get it to test it.

Yarn bowl - Yarn Holder Knitting Bowl - Large Knitting Bowl with Cute Cat Mouth - Hand Made Pottery by Heidi

Yarn bowl – Yarn Holder Knitting Bowl – Large Knitting Bowl with Cute Cat Mouth – Hand Made Pottery by Heidi


This morning, over coffee, my dog loving friend hinted that I should have some cute dog themed knitting items.  Oh, the outrage.  But really, she is probably right. I need another yarn bowl, or two!   So here it is,  a dog yarn bowl:

Yarn Bowl with Dog cut out

Yarn bowl Holder Labrador Dog Denim Blue Stoneware Wheel thrown Ceramics Pottery by Claycrazypottery


Baby Blankets

I have several projects on the go,  three of which are charity baby blankets with the Western Canadian OddBall Society.    This is a really good group of knitters, who make baby blankets for the NICU.  Here is their description copied from the Ravelry group.

WCOBBS members create knit and crochet blankets for the Foothills Medical Center NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) in Calgary, Alberta. This NICU treats the sickest babies in the province and although there are joyous successes, there are also heartbreaking outcomes. Our blankets are meant to give warmth and love to all of these families through their journey.

Oddball blankets are TRAVELING BLANKETS! They are created when a member starts a 6”x36” (130 knit stitches) strip of blanket and sends it to the next crafter to add another strip, and so on until the blanket has six completed sections. It is then bordered and sent to the NICU. Each blanket also contains a journal for each crafter to write in. The families that receive our blankets also receive the journal that traveled with it during its creation.

Some of our blankets have themes, some have patterns, some are plain. All are made of worsted weight 100% acrylic and all are LOVED. New crafters to the experienced can join in, and crafters can be from anywhere in Canada.

Contact to get the information you need to get started with us!


I like working on these blankets because you only do a 6 inch section and then pass it on to the next knitter.  Quick and easy.   Of course, for some silly reason, I am also doing a complete one on my own to donate as well – not quite so quick and easy…   Next time I will stick with the 6 inch sections.

I’ll post baby blanket pictures next week.

Happy Knitting!

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